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Sales Pricelist

Standard 9 channel RGBW Starcloth Sales Prices
                   size Selling Price exluding delivery
3m x 3m R19 240
3m x 4m R27 941
3m x 5m R33 215
3m x 6m R38 782
3m x 7m R42 396
3m x 8m R48 868
3m x 9m R53 945
3m x 10m R58 874

Standard 9 channel RGBW Starcloth DMX/PSU Sales Prices
                   Description Selling Price exluding delivery
9 channel 15V,2.6Amp DMX/PSU with
5 pin XLR  DMX IN & OUT
R7 250

Lightweight Softscene Telescopic Aluminium Support Structure Sales Prices
                   size Selling Price exluding delivery
3m x 3.6m Goalpost R10 950
6m x 3.6m Structure R17 200
9m x 3.6m Structure R23 450
12m x 3.6m Structure R29 700
15m x 3.6m Structure R35 950
18m x 3.6m Structure R42 200
21m x 3.6m Structure R48 450
24m x 3.6m Structure R54 700
27m x 3.6m Structure R60 950
30m x 3.6m Structure R67 200

For Larger Structures please use the following pricing:
Baseplate with Spigot
R1 950

1.85m -3m Horizontal
R1 550

2.15m -3.6m Upright
R2 750

Please Note: As all our stock comes from the U.K. , a 10 week lead time is required for all sales items.

. For all sales enquiries please email us at

Be sure to include the size of the cloths you require & any special requirements.

Please enquire

We can make your starcloth to your exact specifications

Depending on your requirements, we can make a standard 3 circuit Starcloth with 1 DMX/PSU or get it made with custom controllable circuits  with more DMX/PSU's to add DMX channels and to create custom effects to your specifications.  See the video below for an example of controlling a Starcloth with 14 DMX/PSU controllers using 128 channels on a lighting desk.